Wednesday, October 31, 2012


i went on a massive cooking spree during the storm
and with the cool temps and near-bare trees
i had a craving for gingerbread

so, in the spirit of the season...
gingerdead men
the arm bone's connected to the...
that song has been playing in my head for hours with i decorated!

no, they're not anatomically correct
but they're cute, creepy and oh-so yummy!


happy halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

1. this map
 because it led the way on our impromptu road trip. old-school style. to see the best of friends.

2. birthday cake
celebrating 13 years...
time. flies.

3. linen sheets
ah. maz. ing.
 best for: sleeping late, girl talk and a good book... 

4. hand-stitching
pocahontas. for a special little lady.

Friday, October 19, 2012

the little things

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

1. silky knits
busy fingers, inspiration found...

2. running shoes
 laced up before dawn. bring on the endorphins.

3. care packages
hunting, gathering, baking for some favorite littles (or not-so-littles!)

4. stripped walls
 new beginnings

5. blackberry scones
the day has to be a good one when it starts like that, no? thank you to the ladies at three sisters!

5. this view
a quick trip to the big city found me waking up to this


it's been a good one.
catching up with old friends
lunching outside (!) with new.

lots to be grateful for... 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the little things

this summer
after a day especially filled with pre-teen angst
i laid next to theresa 
 and we talked about how it was so important, especially on days that felt endlessly dark
to take the time to acknowledge the things that we were grateful for
the things that were good

the two of us vowed to start writing three such things down, before bed each night
(i think oprah once talked about doing this...)

i've thought a lot about that conversation over the last month
and as i go through my day
(even the darkest ones)
i try and make a mental note of the things that make me smile
the things that are good
even admist the hard


 it really is the little things
that makes life living.

lately, these are mine:

1. these flowers
because sometimes, giving is better than receiving

2. organic raspberries
on sale, and eaten by the pint

3. leaves changing
life, keeping on...

4. breaking out the beanies
+ chambray and wet hair on saturday mornings = early fall perfection

5. new necklace
sent by a dear friend, arrived on the perfect day and is worn 24/7

6. this chalk board
reminding us that life is good. even if it's also really, really sad.

so this might be my weekly feature-
a little thing or two 
that makes me smile