Wednesday, December 31, 2008

snow day

it's cold. and snowy. and icy. and all i want to do is stay comfy-cozy in my flannel sheets...

this is my dream day-in...

clockwise from top left...
tub photo from canadian house + home

mamma mia... oh my!

i was a little late getting on the Mamma Mia train, but i finally saw it last night and all i can say, is that, if i had the money, i'd be on the first flight to greece! UNBELIEVABLE scenery... but, my favorite part, of course, was the set design. 
the textiles, paint colors, antiques left me drooling for more...

Josef Frank textiles (remember this anthropologie chair!?) hanging on the clotheslines....

find his textiles, shown below at Svenskt Tenn 

hand embroidered bed linens
(as seen in the movie still at the top of this post)
much like this

love the layers, piles, prints of mix-matched quilts 
(not to mention the aegean blue walls!)


how amazing would it be to have a relaxed, inviting, chic guestroom done in this style...
a playroom? 


mamma mia film stills from

Sunday, December 28, 2008


if you care about human rights, immigrant rights...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

welcome little one

this is just such a great idea for a baby shower (IF you have crafty friends!)...

all of the guests were sent plain, white onesies with their invitations, asking the guests to please personalize it anyway they choose for the mother-to-be. 
i  took on the project for a friend, so never got to see the final results, but i can only imagine how adorable and personal all were.

the super-cute invite and the included onesie, awaiting it's personal touch..

we chose an elephant (for good luck!) and a pretty floral

finished off with a pink zig-zag stitch...perfectly sweet.


this makes today suddenly less grey.
from all that jazz

Friday, December 12, 2008

look how they shine for you...

yellow is one of my all-time favorite colors.
i can't help but feel happy with yellow...ummmmm, sun.
these bursts are cheering me up through these days of rain and grey...

Parisian-chic as seen on the sartorialist

yum. a george sherlock couch is forever on my total dream list.

summer '08...those were the days.

osborne + little wallpaper turns the smallest space oh-so-chic

fantastic styling from j.crew for fall '08

love the blue too...
tom stringer design partners

yes, please!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

winter night trees

i would love to add these trees to my holiday decorating collection...

but, would i be able to put them away at the end of the season?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

why i hate fashion...

checking in on my google reader this morning, exploring new blogs and i come across
camp comforts- a fantastic little fashion news and inspiration site, when i see this:

i literally almost pee myself with excitement, thinking that some stylist has seen outside of the box and used my cape in a shoot for women!
but, NO!
the cape (and full ensemble) is credited to APC. lovely.
ok, maybe i am nutso, but all I can say is it looks awfully similar to this (by me):

now, not to get confused with my last post... i am all for cheering on the little guy, the stay-at-home mom, the crafter, who is inspired by a piece of (high) fashion and wants to set out on their own, on their little SINGER with pin-pricked fingers and attempt to re-create.
go for it.
i wish i had the time.
but, when a huge fashion company takes more than inspiration (we are talking down to the buttons here, kids) from the little guy, i get pissed.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

cascading flowers

i am just BLOWN AWAY by this amazing DIY project over at the scoop

check out how much more beautiful it is than the j.crew jacket that inspired it...

in your face j.crew!

stay tuned for the step by step instructions that Kristen is promising...

this will most certainly be added to my handmade christmas list for a special someone

Monday, December 1, 2008

holy goodness

no, even after thanksgiving i am not yet sick of pumpkin

HOW GOOD do these look!?!?!

SERIOUSLY... pumpkin and gingerbread ice cream sandwiches

from cannelle et vanille
found at oh joy!


on my VERY long list of projects this holiday season: a wreath

i don't yet know if we will have a christmas tree in the traditional sense in our very small apartment, so do i go for the smell of pine with the wreath or, do i go for color, whimsy or just flat out cool? these are getting my juices flowing...

i might just eat this one by Alicia of Posie Gets Cozy via One Pretty Thing

this is just so chic, modern and unexpected...will it wilt?

the goddess does it again

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i'll follow the sun!

okay, so my bathroom wall obsession continues....

new etsy love: cathy nichols

Santa: PLEASE?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


my day-keeping item of choice for 2009 is definitely linda & harriett's calender

is there really anything better than great design + letterpress?!


for you viewing pleasure... the latest edition of small magazine is now online!

... and, see page 96 for my coat!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

dear santa...

dear santa... by goingstarfishing

new etsy love

now that i have finally started hanging my art collections, i can't get enough!
just found sarah gardner and LOVE her whimsical, inspirational- yet- not-cheesy positivity.

i want to look at this every morning when i get out of the shower:

(and it will go so well with my growing collage!)

and i think this for my studio:


new favorite blog:

le love

doll-making class!

Have Yourself a Handmade Holiday!

Doll Workshop:
Monday 12/8/2008
Downtown Providence, RI
6:00 - 9:00pm

Class Description:

Join Providence-based children's clothing designer Sarah Waldo and craft blogger Christine Chitnis for a night of sewing and wine hosted at Sarah's craft friendly studio! All materials will be provided to make one of the sweet little dolls pictured! The dolls were designed just for this class by Sarah and Christine.

In addition, wine and cheese will be served! Make this holiday season extra special with gifts that are lovingly handmade. Each class participant will also get a copy of the doll pattern we use to take home...that way you can make one for everyone on your list!

Reserve your spot here:
If you have questions, feel free to email:

Class space is limited, so reserve your spot now! There will be no refunds once your space is reserved. Once you sign up, an email with all the details will be sent your way!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

christmas shopping

i really cannot believe that christmas is right around the corner!
winter is totally NOT my favorite season, but this is giving me something to look forward to:

the annual CRAFTLAND is a consignment-format craft show featuring some of our favorite crafters/artists from around the world. i am all about having a handmade christmas this year, but i know i will not be able to tackle my long list of projects alone...
for any of your living in or visting our beloved city of providence, ri this holiday season, check it out!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

see ya...

i think i'll be here...

uploaded from pia jane bijkerk

for the rest of my life.

Monday, November 10, 2008


i'm in the market for a new hat and mittens and i came across these:Link cute are they!?! and, they perfectly describe how I feel as these cold mornings start taking over.

and the mittens?!?! these may be the perfect christmas gift for a city-living friend!
BONUS- they are all handmade by women for women international- a socially conscious organization that helps women in war-torn regions rebuild their lives by giving them financial and emotional support, job skills training, rights education, access to capital and assistance in small business development.

floor stones

j'adore these enormous felted "beach stones" made from felted merino wool.

they are so chic piled in the corner of a room.
expensive, yes, but socially conscious as made by a women's workshop in Gauteng- Johannesburg.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

bathroom wall make-over

i have finally come to terms with the fact that we are going to be in our little apartment at least another year.
so, to cheer myself up, i am finally framing all of my favorite etsy purchases, sketches from art school and photographs to personalize my home a little more. i am starting with the bathroom walls which have stood nudie for way too long (3 years!).

we have a Caribbean thing going on with the paint colors in the bathroom, so I have picked a selection that I think will work nicely.
here is a sneak peek... photos of the actual space when I get my mats in the mail!

mermaid baby from creative thursday

and possibly an original or two....