Wednesday, December 3, 2008

why i hate fashion...

checking in on my google reader this morning, exploring new blogs and i come across
camp comforts- a fantastic little fashion news and inspiration site, when i see this:

i literally almost pee myself with excitement, thinking that some stylist has seen outside of the box and used my cape in a shoot for women!
but, NO!
the cape (and full ensemble) is credited to APC. lovely.
ok, maybe i am nutso, but all I can say is it looks awfully similar to this (by me):

now, not to get confused with my last post... i am all for cheering on the little guy, the stay-at-home mom, the crafter, who is inspired by a piece of (high) fashion and wants to set out on their own, on their little SINGER with pin-pricked fingers and attempt to re-create.
go for it.
i wish i had the time.
but, when a huge fashion company takes more than inspiration (we are talking down to the buttons here, kids) from the little guy, i get pissed.

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