Wednesday, December 31, 2008

mamma mia... oh my!

i was a little late getting on the Mamma Mia train, but i finally saw it last night and all i can say, is that, if i had the money, i'd be on the first flight to greece! UNBELIEVABLE scenery... but, my favorite part, of course, was the set design. 
the textiles, paint colors, antiques left me drooling for more...

Josef Frank textiles (remember this anthropologie chair!?) hanging on the clotheslines....

find his textiles, shown below at Svenskt Tenn 

hand embroidered bed linens
(as seen in the movie still at the top of this post)
much like this

love the layers, piles, prints of mix-matched quilts 
(not to mention the aegean blue walls!)


how amazing would it be to have a relaxed, inviting, chic guestroom done in this style...
a playroom? 


mamma mia film stills from

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