Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 photo nursingweb_zps2ceb5778.jpg
nursing this babe
in a jumble of pillows
our bare skin
in the milky early morning sun
a coolness of fall, nearly begun
and raindrops 
whispering good morning
while lulling us
back to sleep


these moments.
of motherhood
motherhood !
they are thick with joy
but they are going. too. fast.
i'm feeling desperate
to pause.
and float around in each second.

i've always been
running ahead
always waiting and wanting for the next day, year, milestone...
my mum used to warn me not to "wish my life away"-
at three i was begging for kindergarten and soon after, for so long, all i wanted was to turn 30 (!)
to get married, to own a home, for babies...

but now
here i am-
a baby
our baby
deep asleep on my chest
life feels 
just. right.

it feels
like what i've been waiting 
my whole life for...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

celebrating henry

throughout this past pregnancy
i kept peaking ahead
to this month-


with a scramble of emotions-
love, fear, anxiety, pain, excitement

 photo henrybdaycakelit_zpsfe82abc0.jpg

the due date of our daughter
the anniversary of losing henry

i needed to find a way
to remember our sweet son
and the excitement i felt
on the day he was born-

the day i became a mom

in a way
that wasn't totally 

i needed a celebration.

to find a way to honor 
what a joy he was
in our lives


if it was only for just 
11 days

something to share 
with our family
who felt the loss of henry
almost as completely as we did

a new tradition
that our future children
would love 

we planned a birthday beach night-
our favorite kind of easy summer celebration

 photo henrybdaycircle_zps223a5e38.jpg
a sand-side picnic

 photo henrybdayem_zps5dba857d.jpg
our favorite people

 photo henrybadycakedetail_zpsbb0bd75b.jpg
mama-decorated birthday cake

 photo henrybdaytaps_zps70e55485.jpg
taps at sunset

and then
after the sun had gone down

we sent paper lanterns
 photo henrybday2_zpscb60d194.jpg
into the night sky

 photo henrybday1_zps07a9ecea.jpg
decorated with our 
wishes + prayers

for henry patrick

on his first birthday
 photo henrybdaycake_zps8c7fcfd3.jpg
and it was

a celebration

 photo henrybdaycakeout_zps6d555bf9.jpg
with love and thanks

Sunday, August 18, 2013


 photo 1a36806d-0728-4cbf-a52c-b589aa2d8150_zps963358ac.jpg
emily waldo jagger
arrived thursday
august 8th
at 9:40am

oh, oh...
there is so very much to share

and i will

but i'm completely distracted
by her milky, deep-sleep sighs 
on my chest

 photo e91be3e9-4672-4236-8d77-8d7f6e8d097b_zpsfa363c13.jpg

it's been almost exactly a month
since i've posted
and it's been a bursting one for sure-
a roller coaster 
of summer goodness
paralyzing anxiety
and love

love. love. love.

with each 
deep, deep breath 
that i take
weighted only by 6lbs 12oz
of slumbering sweetness
i can feel 
my heart
being stitched 
from the bottom 

 photo 2dc76a54-42f9-4b50-b080-c8b79d33587b_zpsbfeabe50.jpg

sweet birdie

photos: orchardcove

Thursday, July 18, 2013

rainy summer sundays

those lazy summer days

 photo sunday-couch_zps592dc01a.jpg 

hazy with light rain
guiltlessly off the beach

 photo sunday-chair_zps38d2686c.jpg 

 sprawled across a couch
falling deeper
into a good book

 photo sunday-book_zpse5cc12e9.jpg

 photo sunday-table_zps3e49c154.jpg


 photo sunday-beerchips_zpsc09ce13d.jpg

with the whole crew

 photo sunday-scene_zps4f9ca207.jpg

around the family table
in the light of day

 photo sunday-lobster_zpsa012a0a9.jpg

full bellies

 photo sunday-happyfaces_zps59d0b360.jpg

 photo sunday-hats_zps3e27d5ef.jpg

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.
                                                        Oscar Wilde

 photo bearbaby_zpsf6c416f1.jpg
with summer now upon us
and this next chapter
right around the corner

it's time to share-
we're expecting.

the past year has been a roller coaster to be sure-
anticipation, immense joy, soul-crushing heartache, game-changing friendship
fear, hope, anxiety, small miracles, trust

now, at 32 weeks
there is no hiding this bump of our soon-to-arrive baby

no, we haven't shouted this pregnancy from the roof tops-
we are so very happy.
and grateful.
and excited.

also, yes, a little scared.

we are taking life one day at a time.
and fostering confidence

we are looking forward
to august-

to remembering our boy
by celebrating his birthday

and to

 his little sister
(yes! a girl!)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

OH shnikes!
i've been meaning and meaning and meaning
to get to this place
is here!
and half gone!

life has been busy, busy, busy
which, i suppose
is good-
these last two months-
filled with holidays celebrating parenthood
and warming tide pools filled with splashing babies
has left my heart heavier than i expected...

but, of course
there are the very happy things
that come with early summer, too...

dining al fresco
 photo happy-dinnerout_zps36e7e87f.jpg 
in our sweet backyard

rising with the sun
 photo happy-dew_zpsab6753d2.jpg
and finding such beauty

custom ellas
 photo happy-ellas_zps19b5e205.jpg 
on their way to a colorado wedding
(and to be worn with cowboy boots! love!)

a surprise delivery
 photo happy-berries_zpse87e16ad.jpg 
local, organic, summer berries
oh. my. yum.

the most happy thing of all-

the arrival of my people
those friends who really are family
whose summer migration north
makes every. little. thing.




Tuesday, May 28, 2013

happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

oh my-
what a month...

it's been 
insanely busy
with work

and very hard-
mother's day 
blindsided me

but bits of brightness
have gotten me here-
to the unofficial start of 


a little gift
of a full bunch
of the sweetest smelling bells
 photo happy-lily_zpsebbd8fa2.jpg
made a house in desperate need of a deep clean

 photo ruffle_zps0e2d6118.jpg
new designs

for a dear friend's
 photo CM-lawn_zpsb80baa98.jpg

 photo CM-tabletop_zpsdc892daa.jpg

 photo CM-girls_zpsab902a74.jpg

 photo CM-childrensgarden_zpsc92d414c.jpg

and celebrating love

 photo CM_us_zpsfcea128d.jpg

with raspberry meringue
on top

 photo CM-tarts_zpsd3c075e7.jpg

Monday, May 6, 2013

soul resuscitation

 photo va-lilac_zps483477fb.jpg

this place
 photo va-barn_zps75993abe.jpg

it's people
 photo va-emrudy_zpsdd67ff17.jpg

and spring
 photo va-stawberry_zps3e348b3d.jpg
in bloom

a few days away
for a 

 photo va-pippenhill_zps65d4e187.jpg

 photo va-mountainview_zps93835292.jpg

 photo va-lunching_zps042dc01a.jpg

 photo va-pippen_zps8c84fdaf.jpg

 photo va-md_zps01b9c04d.jpg

 photo va-eveningfires_zps76e4396d.jpg

 photo va-chop_zps77b52647.jpg

 photo va-cremebrulee_zpsc3e3a055.jpg

 photo va-lucky_zpsabfa4b38.jpg

life's simplest pleasures-


are just enough

Thursday, April 25, 2013

early spring by the shore

 photo shore7_zps792b6bd2.jpg

empty stretches
of low tide beach

 photo shore_zpseb7b6b22.jpg

rolling dunes
of greening beach grass

 photo shore5_zps9560265d.jpg

a pup
learning the way

 photo shore1_zpscda64aab.jpg

of the sandy-dog life

 photo shore4_zpse2b666f4.jpg

with the view
of a hazy horizon

 photo shore3_zps0f2e8ddb.jpg

for summer

a happy list, of a saturday sort