Wednesday, June 19, 2013

happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

OH shnikes!
i've been meaning and meaning and meaning
to get to this place
is here!
and half gone!

life has been busy, busy, busy
which, i suppose
is good-
these last two months-
filled with holidays celebrating parenthood
and warming tide pools filled with splashing babies
has left my heart heavier than i expected...

but, of course
there are the very happy things
that come with early summer, too...

dining al fresco
 photo happy-dinnerout_zps36e7e87f.jpg 
in our sweet backyard

rising with the sun
 photo happy-dew_zpsab6753d2.jpg
and finding such beauty

custom ellas
 photo happy-ellas_zps19b5e205.jpg 
on their way to a colorado wedding
(and to be worn with cowboy boots! love!)

a surprise delivery
 photo happy-berries_zpse87e16ad.jpg 
local, organic, summer berries
oh. my. yum.

the most happy thing of all-

the arrival of my people
those friends who really are family
whose summer migration north
makes every. little. thing.