Wednesday, February 29, 2012


these simple pleasures
are making my week
early spring blooms
(thanks to trader joes)

great harvest's insanely chewy hi-5 fiber bread
(thanks to my hubby for indulging my pregnancy cravings!)
slathered with irish butter

kept fresh in my linen bread bag
stitched up during crafting weekend

happy leap day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

R + R

reid and i 
were lucky enough to spend last week
by the sea...


it was his february break
and we hit the waves 
in rincon, puerto rico

well, he hit the waves.
my foot kept me off the board
but let me tell you-
these toes were the happiest they've been in many, MANY weeks!

Photobucket        Photobucket
(a few instagram shots) 

local color

shameless beach read

my view
during the last sunset surf
it was a quick trip, but just enough
to revive us
to get through these last few weeks
of winter!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

summer babe

at very long last...


i am thrilled to announce
i am pregnant!

we are overjoyed and have been bursting to share the news...
baby jagger is due in early august
i'm 16 weeks along
craving: milk
symptoms: i've had it pretty easy! i was tired for the first month or two... now, just so growing aches and trying to adjust to having ENORMOUS boobs- HA!

i cannot wait to share bits of our journey here... 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

charlie x 2

i pulled these fabrics together
back over the summer
when two sets of friends had baby boys
both named
i had long-loved david walker's boys will be boys fabric line
and decided to make the kiddos 
stroller blankets
half-finished they'd been buried
until the weekend
when i finally finished and photographed
charlie (x2) will have his quilt before his first birthday!


i'm a total sucker for kids with accents
have you seen this #1 youtube video?!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

pot o' love

i totally prefer the low-key valentine's day
and last night was just that...

my husband had class late
so i got up the strength to get back in the kitchen 
(the first time in a month, thanks to my bum foot!)
and cook his favorite dinner
(beef stroganoff)

with a deliciously rich dessert
fresh whipped cream
fresh raspberries

the recipe was quick and amazing- using only dark chocolate and water!

he came home with flowers and mango sorbet for me
we cozied up to an episode of breaking bad (totally obsessed!)
perfect, quiet night in...

hope you had a wonderful day!

toddler trousers

my favorite little boy on the block
turns one this week
so over the weekend
i tried out anna maria horner's reversible quick change trouser pattern
in big-boy appropriate
prints from the new ds quilts line
for his birthday gift

i was so impressed with this new line- so many fun little prints and patterns to mix and match
i can't wait to cut into a few more!

happy birthday, sidney!

Friday, February 10, 2012

hearts on a string

whipped up a few heart garlands
to send off to tay
in a little valentine's day care package

they were so quick and easy
i made a set for above our fireplace too...

this little burst of creativity was a warm up for the weekend-
camped out in the woods
and it feels SOOO good to get out of the house!

back next week with the results

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

warm oats


has to be one of the best things about winter...
i seem to totally retire my needles come the warmer weather-
strange, because i so enjoy it- i just can't imagine working with wool while the sun is blazing
and, that i never seem to ever just sit in the summer!

there has been PLENTY of that these days
my foot keeps me home bound, leg elevated and iced nearly all day
(i think i'm officially starting to lose it)
netflix and knitting
have been keeping me relatively sane
finishing the oatmeal sweater
my first garment (and for me!)
seems like a bit of an accomplishment


and at this point, i'll take it!