Wednesday, February 1, 2012

warm oats


has to be one of the best things about winter...
i seem to totally retire my needles come the warmer weather-
strange, because i so enjoy it- i just can't imagine working with wool while the sun is blazing
and, that i never seem to ever just sit in the summer!

there has been PLENTY of that these days
my foot keeps me home bound, leg elevated and iced nearly all day
(i think i'm officially starting to lose it)
netflix and knitting
have been keeping me relatively sane
finishing the oatmeal sweater
my first garment (and for me!)
seems like a bit of an accomplishment


and at this point, i'll take it!


Gretchen said...

It looks great!!!

blair said...

wow, you made that? for real? i'm very impressed. at least you have craft weekend coming up to get you up and out of the house, have a great time!

MereEin said...

You look beautiful in these photos and so does the sweater! Wicked talented friend!

zoe said...

I can't believe that is your first sweater! It is fabulous! I hope you are up and about soon!