Wednesday, January 25, 2012


egg noodles. butter. poppy seeds.

a childhood favorite
randomly remembered
quickly prepared
deliciousness devoured

 comfort, in a bowl.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

snow day hat

being snowed in this weekend
didn't make me feel quite so guilty
for (full)days spent laying on the couch
fire blazing, warm tea, fingers lost in merino

my parents (have i mentioned how much they ROCK!?!?)
came to town 
mum cleaned and did probably 10 loads of laundry
dad cooked and waited on me
(boy,  did we eat. like. kings.)

to keep from feeling totally useless 
i knitted daddio a thank-you-hat
now i've got to figure out how to sew left-footed
some mum can get some hand-made love too...

it's really amazing how 
fur-free floors
clean countertops
and freshly folded laundry
can truly make you feel 
human, again.


m+d: lova ya. WICKED.

Monday, January 23, 2012

false start

i was just saying that 2012 was gonna be a good one

i broke my foot.
as in,
snapped off a chunk of the 5th Metatarsal.
sound fun?

so now
it's ah gonna be a looooong 6-8 weeks
(and possibily up to 12 until i can lace up sneaks and comfortably go for a run)
so that's like... spring, right?


so, that's where i've been
not driving, cooking, sewing, exploring, traveling, cleaning, exercising, standing
good times, kids.
good times.

hoping this + an extended doggie ER visit + car drama = our "they come in 3's" bad-luck streak

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


dark chocolate
black sea salt
thank you, trader joes.

Friday, January 6, 2012

green goodness

i almost gave up
on the avocado
i try to always find the nearly ripe ones
but then
by the time i remember to use them
they've turned
(and those buggers get expensive- especially to keep throwing away!)
but today
i caught a glimpse peeking out from the corner of the fruit bowl
sliced in
and, ahhhhh....

glorious green perfection


diced with tofu, cherry tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil, s+p and a dusting of grated cheese

Thursday, January 5, 2012

fresh start

not gonna lie...
2011 kicked my heiny.
loss. illness. drama.
(i know, i didn't get into it here. i try and keep this my "happy place.")
left me floundering.

it's done.
i've learned. i'm loved. i'm letting go. i'm oh-so-lucky.

i am so in love with 2012.
bring it.

here's to: a blog face-lift, house projects galore, travel, tutorials, singing in the shower...

*hang a few sprigs of fresh eucalyptus in your shower- the steam + their menthol-y scent are a perfect mid-winter wake up!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

oh christmas tree...

one last christmas post-
tay came for a visit the week between christmas and new year's...

we love decorating cupcakes together


and she wanted to bring something festive home for her family to enjoy


so, we decided on:
christmas trees!

we had a blast and they were ADORABLE!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

christmas 2011

a little late-december catch up before officially moving into 2012
we hosted christmas here
in providence-

the official christening of our sweet home
and though i didn't manage to snap too many pictures to prove it
the weekend was lovely

our mantle
decorated with handmade gingerbread houses
and fresh cut greens


christmas morning, stocking excitement!

daddio, looking dapper in his new scarf

evening light

and dinner (beef wellington, which i don't have one picture of- boo!)
was topped off with
baked alaska:
(thin flourless chocolate cake, topped with a boule of alternating layers of strawberry and pistachio ice cream, covered in piped swiss meringue and just scorched in a broiling oven)

family. friends. food.
christmas perfection