Thursday, January 5, 2012

fresh start

not gonna lie...
2011 kicked my heiny.
loss. illness. drama.
(i know, i didn't get into it here. i try and keep this my "happy place.")
left me floundering.

it's done.
i've learned. i'm loved. i'm letting go. i'm oh-so-lucky.

i am so in love with 2012.
bring it.

here's to: a blog face-lift, house projects galore, travel, tutorials, singing in the shower...

*hang a few sprigs of fresh eucalyptus in your shower- the steam + their menthol-y scent are a perfect mid-winter wake up!


blair said...

brilliant tip on the eucalyptus branches! i too am looking forward to a fresh start in 2012...and a girls crafting weekend with you! happy new year friend!

Here you'll find ... said...
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mariberi said...

Well said and well done.
Hoping 2012 overflows with health and happiness.
Happy New Year!