Tuesday, January 24, 2012

snow day hat

being snowed in this weekend
didn't make me feel quite so guilty
for (full)days spent laying on the couch
fire blazing, warm tea, fingers lost in merino

my parents (have i mentioned how much they ROCK!?!?)
came to town 
mum cleaned and did probably 10 loads of laundry
dad cooked and waited on me
(boy,  did we eat. like. kings.)

to keep from feeling totally useless 
i knitted daddio a thank-you-hat
now i've got to figure out how to sew left-footed
some mum can get some hand-made love too...

it's really amazing how 
fur-free floors
clean countertops
and freshly folded laundry
can truly make you feel 
human, again.


m+d: lova ya. WICKED.

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