Wednesday, September 1, 2010

blue shutters baby shower

i'm a little behind on some fun summer posting
like this baby shower for a california cousin...

my husband's family spends summers in a string of cottages on the bay
and the family tradition has always been to hold the celebrations at "blue shutters."

tay loves that every summer there has been a shower to plan, decorate and bake for-
(two years ago it was my surprise wedding shower, last year was caroline's baby shower and this year was for BGH- baby girl hayden)

a late morning feast for the glowing mamma-to-be

tay and i decorated cupcakes- she planned the swaddled babies complete with bottles and bonnets!

each family member decorated a square for a quilt i will put together (before the little one's arrival!)

SUCH a special family tradition...

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mom said...

Love the cupcakes !!!!!!!!!!!