Tuesday, August 20, 2013

celebrating henry

throughout this past pregnancy
i kept peaking ahead
to this month-


with a scramble of emotions-
love, fear, anxiety, pain, excitement

 photo henrybdaycakelit_zpsfe82abc0.jpg

the due date of our daughter
the anniversary of losing henry

i needed to find a way
to remember our sweet son
and the excitement i felt
on the day he was born-

the day i became a mom

in a way
that wasn't totally 

i needed a celebration.

to find a way to honor 
what a joy he was
in our lives


if it was only for just 
11 days

something to share 
with our family
who felt the loss of henry
almost as completely as we did

a new tradition
that our future children
would love 

we planned a birthday beach night-
our favorite kind of easy summer celebration

 photo henrybdaycircle_zps223a5e38.jpg
a sand-side picnic

 photo henrybdayem_zps5dba857d.jpg
our favorite people

 photo henrybadycakedetail_zpsbb0bd75b.jpg
mama-decorated birthday cake

 photo henrybdaytaps_zps70e55485.jpg
taps at sunset

and then
after the sun had gone down

we sent paper lanterns
 photo henrybday2_zpscb60d194.jpg
into the night sky

 photo henrybday1_zps07a9ecea.jpg
decorated with our 
wishes + prayers

for henry patrick

on his first birthday
 photo henrybdaycake_zps8c7fcfd3.jpg
and it was

a celebration

 photo henrybdaycakeout_zps6d555bf9.jpg
with love and thanks


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Beautiful and just right as always - love you. xxoo

mom said...

A beautiful tribute