Thursday, February 5, 2009

ultimate inspiration

I started buying Martha Stewart KIDS and BABY magazines when I was in high school...yes, a little odd, but then, I was also a member of the FSMOAs (Future Soccer Moms Of America). 
Turns out, they were one of the best purchases of my life. I am constantly going back to them for room design, crafting inspiration, projects for classes or for the kids I nanny for.

Recently, I was wondering which issues I was missing, if any. NO WHERE could Christine or I find a cataloguing of how many issues were printed, what the covers looked like, etc. so, we compiled our resources and came up with a visual reference and list, IN ORDER by date!

MS KIDS covers
from to left to right, row by row:
Summer/Fall 2001 . Holiday 2001. Spring 2002
Summer 2002. Fall 2002. Holiday 2002
Winter/Spring 2003. Summer 2003. Fall 2003
 Holiday 2003. Spring 2004. May/June 2004 #13
 July/August 2004 #14. Sept/Oct 2004 #15. Winter 2004 (special v-day issue)
 Winter 2004 #16. Spring 2005 #17. Summer 2005 #18
 Fall 2005 #19. Winter 2005 #20. Spring 2006 #21

ebay is a GREAT resource for past issues and you may be able to borrow some from you local library. these are worth the money you will spend on them- each one is a book in itself that you will come back to time and time again.


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meg duerksen said...

this is funny. i just came across my stash of these from years back. and set them out so i could go through them. i agree with you that they are SO GOOD. worth holding onto and reading over and over.

just found your site to day through crafty crow and i love it! :)