Wednesday, May 27, 2009

midnight quilting

i've begun my summer waitressing gig on cape cod... always a bittersweet time of the year; of course this means beach walks, coffee every morning with my dad, projects with mum and visits with grama, not to mention summer being just around the corner! but, it also means working 7 days a week, missing my beloved providence fresh markets and weekends spent with friends.

seeing i spend nearly 6 months of the year in our little rented beach cottage, i've committed myself to making it truly feel like home this season. 
my mini makeover is well underway... so far, the main living space is painted (a mint "martha stewart" green) with blue + white seersucker curtains made and hung, bedroom painted a dreamy blue... ok, so that's all for now. 


i have spend my late evenings (after finishing waitressing!) working on my first quilt for ME (or us, rather...). i have long been drawn to the simple, yet beautiful "coin quilt" and have labored over the wheres and whens. finally, i just dove in- for the beach house! our bed needed a little TLC, as for the past few years i have kept warm with a quilt my mom made in college- thread bare, but i love it dearly! 
i wanted to put a few favorites from my fabric stash into use and a cape cottage bedroom could not be more perfect for the palette of pale yellow, blue, mint and

Photobucketi am roughly following orangeflower's pattern and so far an loving it. i have all the "coin" stacks sewn and tomorrow will tackle putting together the entire front. i am so excited to see how it is coming together... maybe i'll even have a finished product by sunday!

my first time chain piecing... who knew quilting could be so quick!

working on a layout...

maybe i should work on a way to cover up the hideous wall-to-wall carpeting next!

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