Wednesday, August 19, 2009

best day ever

  waiting for the clock to strike nine.

it's my favorite day of the year. 
i look forward to it ALL YEAR.
better than christmas. better than birthdays. better than unexpected snow days.
it's saturday in august that the our town church holds it's annual bazaar and auction. 
it is THE event of the season, and i'm not kidding. 
it is THE place to be for EVERYONE in town (plus a few thousand others) because the deals are unmatched and the finds can be life changing.
i talking about (2001) billy's $20 6' long mohair sofa. and (2008) sara's $5 marble tables. IN.SANE.
and we take it SERIOUSLY.
you go the day before and scope it out behind the ropes. 
you make a game plan. 
you get up early to caffeinate (even of you don't normally caffeinate) so you'll be at peak performance. 
you show up at 8:30 to stake your ground around the yellow "caution" tape... 
because, at 9am, when those church bells ring, you had better be off the starting block and grabbing onto your first choice. 
honestly, i am talking about running-of-the-bulls type stuff here.
and why are we all so nutty?
because you can grab things like...

this pair of mid-century, teak, marked, danish chairs for TWO DOLLARS each. 
yes. $2. 
holy moly. i CANNOT WAIT to refinish these this fall with my daddio!

or these armchairs:
for $10.

this antique spool bed that's dying for a coat of high-gloss white?

see what i'm sayin'?

how about my other purchases of the year, that i never knew i always needed:

15 pc. cut-crystal punch bowl + cups: $10 * vintage cotton florals: $1-2/bag
white metal scroll lamps (one day, these will be on wither side of my guest bed): $15/pair wooden kid's chair- soon to be painted for styling shoots: $3 
 vintage leather moroccan poof: $2 * vintage working Royal typewriter: SEVEN BUCKS
bin o' (vintage) buttons: $10 * various hand embroidered table cloths: $5-10 
 framed embroideries of corn and peas: $.50/each

now, i just have to patiently wait for another year to pass... ahhhh.....

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. I can't believe the buys. You win the "Power Shopper of the Year Award." I can picture the furniture refinished and looking beautiful. And the bits of fabrics. OMG. OMG.

But, I can't believe you didn't let me in on this. I'll be ready next year. I think I'll make my hotel reservations tomorrow for 2010. LOL.LOL.

Looking forward to getting together. See you soon. Sandy