Monday, December 13, 2010

early december

the beginning of this month
has been an amazing whirlwind
of birthday celebrations
holiday preparations
gatherings with friends
and travel...
my birthday seemed to go on and on this year...
my friends and family have made me feel incredibly loved
and i really don't think i have enjoyed turning another year older since i was twelve!

it all started in little compton...
my parents joined us for a few relaxing nights at my in-law's gorgeous home.

we got right into the spirit by creating swags and wreaths- this has become an annual tradition!
my mom-in-law had all the cuttings ready to go!

i had found a fun wall pocket at christmas tree shop

daddio creating a simple, stunning juniper wreath

my festive creation hangs next to our front door!

what a wonderful way to start the month and get in the holiday spirit...

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