Thursday, January 13, 2011


i am fully immersed in
a story of a woman who left her life in New York City
when she fell in love with a man and their idea of starting a community-sustaining farm together.
i CANNOT put it down.

while certainly not as extreme, when i left NYC for Little Rhody, i traded my heels for clogs, take-out for made-from-scratch and now, too, wear my cashmere to bed.
and, i'm loving every minute of it.

however, i do think these totes would add the perfect amount of city style
to my weekly load of veggies at the farmer's market...


Leandre said...

We just selected The Dirty Life as our next bookclub read (along with Poser: My Life in 23Yoga POses. Can't wait to discuss with you!

simpledaisy said...

Those totes are so pretty!!! I would love one:)