Thursday, September 8, 2011

road trip: shelburne, vt

irene thankfully didn't affect my plans
to head north
for a week
of canning and catching up
with my dear friend, amanda
i woke early monday morning
and hit the road
nellie in tow

calm after the storm, indeed!
(taken through the windshield)
the cloud formations in the brilliant blue sky were just phenomenal
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felt like a homecoming of sorts
i have such found memories
of amanda's family's farm...
high school long winter weekends
summers swimming in the pool
playing dressing up from an attic full of 60 + 70's finest
all with a lake view...
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we brought the dogs for a romp and swim
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before heading over
to amanda's cousin's
for dinner
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ummm, yeah... i could come home from work to that every day!

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i followed amanda and fia around the gardens
(amanda is working on an album of fia's first two years and was snapping some final shots)

before we settled into a spectacular dinner
thanks, ave!
<span class=
with a spectaular view

<span class=
and even better company...

worth the loooong drive?

more and more and more
to come

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