Thursday, June 28, 2012

boatload of baby pants

things have been hectic...
back and forth to the cape
spring cleaning and gardening
all things nesting

but this week
i managed to sneak into the studio
for a few hours of uninterrupted
sewing for baby

the result:
three pairs of quick change trousers
perfect for my summer beach boy


i used a selection denise schmidt's quilts collection of cottons from joanns
and just love how bright, funky and functional (they are all reversible!!) these pants are



my one question/concern with the pattern/fit-
we are planning to cloth diaper 
and i'm hoping there is enough room in the bum
anyone used this pattern with a cloth diapered babe?

1 comment:

blair said...

when i have babies will you PLEASE make me super cute clothes like this too? your little man is going to be the bed dressed devil this side of the mississippi. oh, and i want to take the adult version of your sewing class, when will you start such a thing?