Friday, January 30, 2009

wash up

the downstairs bath is a little nook between the kitchen and the dining room.
tucked away, with one little window,  it needs to be bright and welcoming...

downstairs bath

clockwise from top left:
*cute, cheery prints from creative thursday
*every layer of this frilly, but not-too-girly shower curtain is finished with a different color pearl stitch... a subtle, but fun way to tie it in with all the color!
*fabric, from our most recent Purl trip will be perfect for a valence
*paint possibilities
*a place to drop your rings and things
*can't go wrong with dash + albert
*citrus-y soaps are perfectly fresh, no matter the season!
*punchy wicker waste basket
*beautiful whitewashed mirror ties it all together


Anonymous said...

I am really going to enjoy this process! I cannot wait to see her home when it is finished!

Question for you: if you could recommend ONE book for design inspiration, what book would it be?

Just curious....

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comments, Cary!
I LOVE the Domino design book... especially now that the magazine is gone, I feel like the book has all the best parts of the magazine that I loved and lots of practical information.
Other than that, I have a subscription to Elle Decor, which I find some great ideas in, though they definitely need to be modified for my budget! Looking through Pottery Barn and then finding similar, original vintage pieces at local flea markets, antique stores, etc...
Go with the Domino book, you won't be disappointed... anything else, check it out of your library!