Sunday, January 25, 2009

welcome home

this will be the first in a series of inspiration board posts for a dear friend and fellow blogger who's recent personal tragedy has left her overwhelmed and under-excited for her new home-to-be.
hopefully, these will get her decorating juices flowing!

the entryway
clockwise from top left:
boston ferns, hable construction beads in sweet pea and sky, ikea idyll pot, 
chiasso doormat, jade tree, vintage ceramic owl umbrella stand, bench image: hable construction


Christine Chitnis said...

I could not love this any more! Thank you so much for surprising me this morning with what I hope will be my new entryway!! I will link when we get back from NYC!! Can't wait! said...

I *love* hanging ferns. We have three in my home office and they make such a difference in air quality.