Tuesday, December 15, 2009

baby shower brunch

a brunch is such a perfect type of part of a baby shower... a fresh new day, guests happy and energized, yummy food. but there is always the question of forbidden sweets in the early pat of the day. enter the perfect applesauce "cakes."
i was introduced to this recipe (which I've since adapted) but my mother-in-law, as it was the "family" birthday cake.
when i was invited to my dear friend Deb's recent baby shower brunch, i was quick to beg to lend a hand. these cupcakes were requested.
guilt-free for morning time, but wonderfully sweet and delicious, they are perfect any time of day, but extra- wonderful for showers, baby birthdays and the like... a minimal amount of sugar, whole wheat and organic... kid tested, mom approved!
for this batch, i wasn't sure of a party theme, so a simple pale blue and green was perfect. with white non-peril sprinkles and toppers made from martha stewart paper seals stuck double-sided on a toothpick. SO easy and chic.
Recipe Here...

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