Wednesday, December 23, 2009

late december

i really did have much better intentions for my blog this month, but life just... took over.
a lot of ups and downs- my grama in the ER, rehab and finally HOME!, penelope is growing in leaps and bounds, but is officially a "teenager," christmas crafting (still half finished, typical!)...

but then...
an amazing thing happened.
we got buried in snow.
and everything...
slooooowed down
and it was lovely.

but, just as quickly... we drove to the cape, shoveled ourselves in, loaded up a uhual (with INSANELY heavy furniture), drove it back to providence, got stood up by some craigslist movers, the locks froze, unloaded... yeah... and in retrospect, probably would CANCEL such plans during the next blizzard.

seeing the good in the experience?
my dad's beef bourguignon.
a glowing fire.
the lit christmas tree.
george winston's december.

and now... it is christmas.
and my projects aren't done.
and the gifts aren't wrapped.

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