Friday, April 23, 2010

bad, bad blogger

it's been too long.
i've been going like crazy- pvd-cape cod- nyc-pvd-ct-pvd-ny-cc.... and so it goes...
this past week i was in new york city and back at parsons-
this is the 4th year i've been invited back to be a juror on the senior class' thesis panel for children's wear.
totally inspiring and such a honor.
this year i was BLOWN away by the boy's wear.
seriously... killer stuff for little dudes.

of course, i HAD to get downtown to the new purl!
i have to admit, i had mixed feelings about the idea of this supervised shop- i remember the days before purl patchwork even existed, and i have always loved the tucked-away location and turquoise door frames on sullivan street...
but, i have to be honest, the new shop, is, gorgeous.

amazingly edited, with plenty of new finds
(though, i miss the days when i could have been the only customer piling up bolts-to-be-cut...)
of course, i left with a few-too-many new cuts to add to my project queue-
(more to come on this, SOON, i promise!)

the best part of my trip to the big city!?!?!?

coming home to this:
MY trees!
we saw, and bid, and bought our home in the dead of winter, so I NEVER could have imagined the beauty spring had in store for us....
cherry blossoms.
i. die.


rikshaw design said...

wow! you have been a busy bee! those trees are stunners!!!

Rebekah said...

just happened to stumble across your blog. i *heart* cherry blossoms too!