Sunday, April 4, 2010

spring snapshots

i adore decorating for holidays.
especially easter- budding branches, baby bunnies, the promise that it really is spring.
and having my very own mantle to decorate make this holiday even more exciting!

on vacations i've been collecting sand from the beaches we have surfed together...
displayed in vintage glass spice jars labeled with the beach name, place and date.
cape cod drift wood and a sweet little nest.


i couldn't resist these adorable felted bunnies handmade on martha's vinyard from local wool

reid's easter basket this year was filled with necessities made cute-
a new electric drill fashioned to be a bunny!


products of friday's cookie + egg decorating get together with friends and kids.
sprinkle love!

Headed out to celebrate Easter with family-
Oh! What a gorgeous weekend.


Leandre said...

I so wish I had your gift for holiday decorating. I did better this year with a new made-by-me table runner and table settings, but I kinda feel like I do the same thing year after year. I trust you'll get me out of my rut; you're good like that.

rikshaw design said...

you are the cutest with the bunny drill!