Wednesday, August 4, 2010

opportunities for creative interpretation

i cannot believe i have yet to post about the amazing three days
my sister and i spent sewing (and eating) in little compton
a few weeks ago now....

we vowed to take a bit of time
each season
to throw ourselves into our piles of projects

and boy
oh boy
did we come with to-do lists
(and yes, of course they were a bit on the looong side)

yes, certainly ambitious, but we decided to each take one on
and figured we could cut everything in one afternoon
and piece each top over the next full day.

it started out well and good...
by monday evening we had well over 900 squares for each quilt cut

and then, i looked again at my (type-A, instruction reading, over analyzing) sister's diagram.
the quilt was not made up of 3" squares as she had instructed we should cut
but, rather, 3x5.5" RECTANGLES.

so, tuesday was spent sewing squares together and ironing seams flat.
to undo what we had just done.
8.5 hours EACH
sewing and ironing.

a little exercise she so cleverly named
"opportunities for creative interpretation"

i think she was slightly concerned
i might never forgive her
but really,
when your sewing machine is here:
can you really complain?!?

not so much.

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