Tuesday, November 23, 2010

29 wishes

i cannot believe my 29th birthday is a little more than a week away...
i little scary to be entering my last year of my twenties, i have to say.
here is my list of wishes, needs and dreams.
many, not so glamourous, but as a new homeowner
with a to-do list a mile long
this is what is on my mind!
others are truly "in my dreams"
but that's allowed, right!?!
canon 5d * my signature nude: sandy beach * kate's favorites * a couch!
organic king size mattress * gold toms * polka dot love * letterpress for 2011
a pantry full of glass jars * a perfect collection of classics * nellie for my charm bracelet * stylish hoodie
running shorts * livingroom rug * glam china * i'm over my ever-cracked screen
wallpaper for our entryway (3 rolls) * two sconces * yoga tank * first home charm
roller shades for the kitchen * easy eco ambiance * garbage disposal, installed


Emily said...

LOVE that stylish hootie.. have it in black from Sustain.. my go to when nothing else feels right!Great with skinnies and black booots of any kind. So flattering. Classy yet funky! Also love the cashmere leggings! Hmmmmm

29!!? weren't you just 18?

Bumpkin Bears said...

Early happy Birthday. LOVE the long brown boots! Have a great day, Catherine

Sarah said...

yes! emily! love your sustain hoodie.

ahhhh... to be 18 again...
seriously- where did the time go!?
thanks catherine! aren't those brown boots INSANE? love.them.