Tuesday, November 16, 2010

far far away

i started my
far far away quilt

i actually finished it in a respectable amount of time
but wanted to get a sham done before i took pictures
and that... took awhile.

i had bought a fat-quater set with each print from heather ross' far far away I
from which i cut the squares for the top.
for the back, i used anna maria horner's pastry line voile in water (just girly enough)
far far away quilt

i pieced a strip off-center on the back of the leftover bits from the top...
i included the "far far away" from the selvedges because i thought it added to the whimsy...
far far away quilt

at long last...
a peek at the corner of "tay's room"
(which is also my home sewing room)
far far away quilt
i am so pleased- the quilt reminds me of rainbow sherbet!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

I love that you included the strip - it looks great!

Kalista said...

beautiful work, Sarah! Such a colorful design with the strip and "far far away.'

rikshaw design said...

sooo stunning!