Tuesday, January 12, 2010

puppies and progress

ahhhh... and, i'm back.

probably the LAST time i will be able to HOLD her for a photo!

my weekend in the snowy woods was heavenly.

even though we were set up like a little sewing sweatshop (saturday we sat at our machines from 7:30am nearly straight through until 8pm, and went back to it after dinner...) we all loved every minute of it.

of course, the crafting was broken up with insane amounts of carbs to keep us going (fresh baked cinnamon bread, scones, baquette with brie, fresh pappardelle)... didn't i say heaven?

and the amount of work we all completed was truly amazing. i managed to pump out an entire quilt top (using my fat quarter set from heather ross' far far away collection) and a baby-to-be gift.

the crafting crew... with our completed projects

i brought nellie along to play with amanda's two labbies- wise strider and the new little bimbo, sage. the dogs were beyond adorable together and the little girls gave strider some much needed time off from puppy play!
penelope and sage... all tuckered out

we loved it when they all zonked out together... small, medium and large all snuggled by the wood stove.
too. sweet.
sage, penelope + strider

thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend... hopefully we can put one of these together once a season!

a parting shot of my sister and me (and nellie!)


Orchard Cove Photography said...

SO much fun :) I did more of my tapestry last night and will get back to my knitting once I'm finished - have to go to the quilt store sometime this week and find a backing for my storm at sea. The projects are never done are they??!!

rikshaw design said...

the small medium large shot may have to become my screensaver!
that is the sweetest photo on the planet..i want another one now!
penelope is like jumby she is getting a little pudge belly!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh My Goodness...THOSE are some of the CUTEST puppie pictures I have seen! WOW!! Love the s-m-l one....loved them all. What adorable pupsters!