Sunday, January 3, 2010

so far, so good....

Sunday, January 3rd:

* tub of egg salad
* lasagna w/ homemade sauce
* (extra) meat sauce
* ribollita

that should last us a week, no?

reid also requested clam pasta to be on the week's menu, but that will be made the night-of and break up the left-overs.

off to a good start, i'd say!

and to be honest, i loved my day in the kitchen.
with my apron tied, i chopped onions in bulk, put all my burners to use and didn't even mind the 20+ times i did the dishes. i had my joni mitchell blaring and a cup of warm tea- it was wonderful.

as was my long walk in the snowy woods, with the dogs frolicking off-leash, while the lasagna was in the oven!

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