Thursday, January 21, 2010

busy, busy!

for a gray, mid-january in new england, it has certainly NOT been hoo-hum around here!

last friday morning, i received a very early (1:30am) phone call from my dear friend, deb, who was in labor... i was on-call to watch her daughter beatrice when the time came.
max charles was born at 7am!
photo by amanda... blanket by rikshaw!

friday night i headed downtown to craftland for a screening of handmade nation.
i had goosebumps 15 seconds into the introductory credits. i am so inspired by the craft-revolution of our generation... i've been filling pages in my moleskin ever since!

later that night, our landlords threw us a lovely little potluck "going away" party. i can't believe we've been in this quaint little apartment for over FOUR years! wow.

saturday was our re-inspection- SO good to get one last look at our soon-to-be home!
then, a quick trip to the farmer's market with a girlfriend to dish on prospective dates from the night before. the rest of the day was spent with my new best friends: packing tape + corrugated cardboard. at least we're seeing progress!

sunday i spent the morning with bea, who anxiously waited for dad to bring mom and brother max home!
then, i got busy making good on my new year's resolutions... cooking up a storm! on this week's menu:
* coq au vin (for the new parents, not for us!)
* yummy vegetarian chili with local, seasonal veggies
* 2 meatloaves- one for the week and one to freeze for some hungry uncles who are coming in to town to help with home improvements
* chicken chilaquiles

since then, this week has been full of lovely little surprises and get-togethers... a quick visit and lunch with amanda, who came into town to photograph max, impromptu dinner party with girlfriends and the hubbies, studio time...

tomorrow is our closing! i SERIOUSLY can't believe the day is almost here and that it seems as though it will be drama-free. wooo hooo!! i'll post pics ASAP and the before and afters will begin!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Good luck with your closing tomorrow - SO exciting!!!

Sarah said...

THANK you.
cannot WAIT for you to come for a visit... and longer than a lunch!
(though I may send you over the edge) :)