Saturday, January 2, 2010

ten for twenty-ten

1. sunday soups
i'd like to make sunday my day in the kitchen. each week, make a big vat of soup that will last me a week worth of lunches. while i'm in there, make up the week's batch of yogurts and a few meals that i can throw in the oven when i get home from work. when we plan ahead for meals, and stick to it, we save so. much. money. not to mention, needless, daily grocery store trips, gas and time!

2. blog 5x a week
i really DID get a bit better about this since last year, but i am aiming even higher... more projects, crafts, food, DIY, renovations, decorating, fashion.
i've got to chart it all out in my head, but i know i can get all my passions in there!
and, hopefully, this year will be FULL of inspiration!

3. train penelope!
she is becoming QUITE the little teen... very defiant!

4. catch. more. waves.
get out in the water more! on cape. in little compton. somewhere warm? please?
and be brave about it.

5. read
growing up in a home without a tv, i have always adored reading. nothing, NOTHING is better than curling up in front of the fire on a winter evening with a good book, a cozy blanket and a steaming cup of tea. but, i haven't done it in AGES. and i crave it. that getting lost in a world outside of what we can imagine on our own? finding new places to love, getting deep inside another person's head, even learning new strategies for running my small business. by the time i tuck myself in at night, i am asleep before my head hits the pillow- literally.
so, i need to find another time to do it... maybe i give myself an hour in the morning, after my husband leaves for work and before i need to be out the door. or maybe it's in the afternoon to unwind... now, if i can stick to my sunday meal-making plan, THIS could work!

6. make a quilt a season
for our home, to give away... start trying all these bookmarked patterns and digging deep into my stash!

7. write letters
honestly, is there anything better than receiving a hand-written letter in the mail?
a birthday card that arrives ON your birthday?
thank you notes within 24 hours...
this year, i strive to do my part to keep my local post office branch in business.
and put smiles on friend's faces.
8. dress up
i work for myself.
and babysit for friends.
it is all TOO easy to live day after day in yoga pants...
this year, even if only for myself, i will look "put together" when i go to the studio.
and "do it up" when i go out to dinner (for girls night and/or date night).

9. be prompt
i WILL return all calls and/ or emails within 24 hours.
even the ones that i know will take 3 hours.
and the ones that make my stomach go all woozie.

10. it's personal
this last one, is just for me.
perhaps someday, i'll let it be known.
but for now.... no.


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Love these - go go go!! xoxo

rikshaw design said...

best list of all time..i am gonna blog about it! i love your commitment to blog 5x a day! yippee
good luck on the training those labbies are so stubborn..jumby graduated from her training class but seriously she has me wrapped around her lil paw! NY next week!!!