Thursday, February 10, 2011

my happy place

when a friend called earlier this week
saying she needed the ocean
and that cool salt breeze,
we set a date...
and this morning
bright and early
we headed out

nellie in tow...
and i realized
with a smile that not even my scarves could hide

that i, too
had needed
that beach walk.

that this is my happy place...
and winter really is no excuse to stay away.

we were back in the city by 10am.
and we were

(the cup of chai on the way home didn't hurt either)


Orchard Cove Photography said...


Bellamia said...

How Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.The ocean/beach is my favorite place! And puts a HUGE smile on my faces as well!

Talley said...

Little Compton! One of the happiest of happy places. We go ever summer to visit Zach's grandmother/parents and I absolutely love it.
xo - Talley Burns