Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the waldo family painters

march wrapped up with a trip up to vermont
to help my sister + co. paint their new house before move-in.
i can't say enough about all the help my parents gave us when we moved last year
so this time, we took our show on the road...
here we are, the waldo family paint crew:
actually, my mom is a CAH-RAZ-Y cleaner, so she was on scrub-down-duty
(with her toxic chemicals- she brought her own because we joked that they didn't sell bleach and pine-sol in the state of VT)
the kid's rooms were the first priority
and we decided on neutral palette's
so those quilts we made would pop...
Photobucket Photobucket



pictures really son't do justice to how much BIGGER the rooms look with lighter colors on the walls.
not to mention fresh trim paint.

but, oh no...
that wasn't all.
it kept going.
and gooooing.

until, we all got a bit wacky...
(must have been the cleaning fumes)

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Tamra said...

You guys are hilarious - what a funny picture!! The house looks great - good work!