Wednesday, August 10, 2011



when you have to get away
to catch up on emails
but that
is just what i needed
so we packed up
and headed to
little compton
for a few days

rainy, hazy afternoons

farm-fresh food

blooms snipped daily

rounded out
the perfect getaway


Champagne/CrushParty/StitchPoet said...

You are so close to heaven! It is totally unfair that my "break" in Westport is over and I'm back down here in the heat! UGHHHH Enjoy heaven!!!

Sarah said...

agreed! heaven indeed...
hope you hit up sakonnet purls while in town- they are closing in september - so sad, but the sale is on!
hope we can eet up on one of your trips up this way in the future!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks - am thinking if we have time maybe we could attempt raspberry jam as well (if they are in season - I'll check when I arrive). xo

Talley said...

it looks to me like you are looking out over Briggs Marsh...and if that is the case then Zach's grandmother, Bobbi Joslin, use to be your neighbor. She lived on Quoquonset in a brick house to the left as you drive in. Small world if that is true. It also looks like you went to Walkers - my fave! Perhaps next summer we will manage to overlap for a weekend! Tough now that we live in Z├╝rich, but it would be wonderful!

Grace said...

looks like heaven!!! i didn't realize you had a blog... i love it and am following now!

xox grace

(ps - headed home on wednesday... becca's getting married!)

Sarah said...

Talley- CRAZY small world! YES! it IS Briggs Marsh and my in-laws live just behind the Joslin's former house!
wow. wow. wow! are they still in LC- if so you MUST let me know when you are planning a visit- it's just a hop, skip and jump for me so i'd meet you there any time! and walkers is just heaven, isn't it?!

Grace-glad you found me here- i love all your DIY's- a remember weekend days spend crafty our hearts out in your bedroom and getting kicked out of sewing class- ahahhah... look at us now! let's have a glass of wine while you are home- if you have time. are you taking becca out for a night on the town? xoxo