Thursday, November 3, 2011

fall tunic

my list of sewing to-dos these days is loooong
but with the color wheel commission successfully off
and a few halloween gifts sewn and shipped
i needed a day
to dive in my stash
and get creating
for me
i caved and bought wiksten's tova tunic pattern
knowing i could draft something myself
but not wanting to get in my own way
i used alexander henry's "dasha"
a few hours and one tunic later!
the pattern was simple to follow
my only change was taking 1" off the hem
i love that it looks polished with dark jeans and a blazer
or comfy with black yoga pants
i haven't taken it off since i finished topstitching
eventually, i'll have my husband snap a few pictures of it on me and share
now, i'm even more inspired to keep sewing
more tunics to come, for sure!


MereEin said...

sign me up for 1 too :) we can wear them all winter together

Kristine said...

Beautiful sewing. That's a really pretty Tova. Love your Wolf dress form too.

Anonymous said...

hi! so that gray checked fabric i used for my tova is made by Epic Textiles - that's all it said on the bolt, and when i googled the company i didn't come up with any more info than that - sorry!