Wednesday, March 7, 2012

hats, hats, hats

while in western MA
for our crafting weekend
my sister and i 
took a field trip 

holy. smokers.

america's largest yarn store? yes.
organized by weight. thank you.
WAREHOUSE of markdowns. like, OMG.

so, yeah...
i was inspired.
and my fingers were twitching.

i spent the evenings over that weekend trying a new hat pattern for my brother-in-law's birthday gift

once home- monday and tuesday knitting a last minute valentine's gift for my hubby
and a second warm and fuzzy cap to keep my newly-bald-headed uncle :( a little warmer out in CO

now, just back from our vacation and desperately missing the sea
i tried a new pattern for myself
using the most beautiful hand-dyed merino

and then there is the bag-load of other projects to queue.

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