Friday, March 30, 2012

soup for supper

the worst part of breaking my foot
was being unable to spend time in the kitchen, cooking
at a time when my body was craving fresh, local goodness
we ate mostly prepared (organic, yes, but still totally processed!)

now that i'm back in the country and back on my feet
i dove right into the huge pile of recipes that have been waiting for months

(served with olga's crusty sourdough)
 hit. the. spot. this week
and the unexpected addition of kalamata olives gave me my moroccan fix
seriously, delish. and insanely healthy (i used chicken breasts instead of thighs because i prefer white meat).

the next day for lunch, the quinoa had absorbed much of the liquid, but i enjoyed the thicker consistency, chilled, as a pasta-salad-y entree just as much

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MereEin said...

please email me the recipe! this looks delicious!!!