Wednesday, January 30, 2013

knit with love

there's something about
knitting something
for someone else-

with each stitch
imagining the giving
and how they'll wear it

it can be a risk, for sure
there are people (and no offense if you might be one)
who just wouldn't get the goodness of a handmade gift-
think it too granny maybe
or just not appreciative of the hours
spent hunting down the pattern
the just-right yarn
and then the creating
and the pulling-out that comes along with it
but em
is just the person
my person
for a made-with-love gift

and this shawl
for this oh-so-special person
was perfect...

the color-
silver, but blue, but sometimes purple and slate, too
 photo shawl4_zpse756e1c8.jpg

the texture-
merino wool. not itchy. squishy
 photo shawl3_zps848eb852.jpg

the pattern-
simple. a hint of a ruffle. and a bit raw
 photo shawl2_zpsbbfc43bf.jpg

the size-
large enough to wrap. and drape. and hold onto a shoulder when thrown on
 photo shawl1_zpse218fc7c.jpg

and how she wore it?
better than i could have imagined.
for three days straight...

more on our winter weekend by the sea to come...
emily, i hope you wear it until the yarn disintegrates


MereEin said...

it's beautiful - like the person who painstakingly made it! love you.

mom said...

Wow! A Beautiful gift from one beautiful person to another.

Emily said...

Sigh... Thank you so much Sarah. Yes, I cherish the love and the shawl! I wear it to bed and to EVERYTHING I do! I can't wait to have it with me when I take my journeys afar. It will always bring me comfort. I love you!!

blair said...

very special gift indeed...i have a new found appreciation for a knitted gift for sure. umm, and can i please steal emily's uber cool style?!?!?!

Gretchen said...

Beautiful! I love the joy and sense of calm that knitting something for someone else produces. This weekend has been full of Netflix and knitting baby hats and blankets for me.