Monday, February 4, 2013

winter weekend by the sea

a winter weekend
spent by the sea
 with a handful of 
very dear friends
and full 
of favorite things...
 photo LC-ice_zpsb7ffcdfa.jpg

beach walks

 photo LC-walk_zps8e6f4b80.jpg
(and for a few, an icy dip, not for public view...)

 photo LC-quilt_zps1d342577.jpg

bathed in early morning sun

 photo LC-slippers_zpsc87fb21b.jpg

breakfast. perfection.
 photo LC-breakfast_zps1cd08023.jpg
not kidding.
challah french toast and "christmas" spiced bacon.

 photo LC-shoot_zps30584e83.jpg
(this is what happens when bloggers get together...)

 photo LC-emam_zpsa8d6d57a.jpg


 photo _LC-em_zps11f2969f.jpg

 photo LC-coffeestop_zps2d3c1a69.jpg
(yes, we wore pajamas to the coffee shop. it was an emergency. for real.)

 photo LC-tea_zps2118f776.jpg
over tea
girl talk...
 photo LCearlyam_zpsdcaa5a51.jpg

a few days
of just-what-i-needed
company, creating, feasting
and laughter
oh, was there ever laughter....

the perfect ending
to january
and just enough inspiration
to get february off on the right foot

M, E, A, S + B- thank. you. 

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