Tuesday, February 26, 2013

happy list: farm life

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

i spent last week in virginia...
going back

that very special
down the tree lined drive
and to it's

felt like going

 photo happy-vabarnview_zpsd609b25d.jpg

a very welcome happy list
during a february
that has felt
than this darkest month
has ever felt before


hot tea
 photo happy-vatea_zps49469023.jpg
served with girl talk

linen sheets
 photo happy-vasheets_zpsbb1399a8.jpg
best on a freshly made bed, after yoga and a warm bath...
crumpled perfection by morning

creamy oats and fresh berries
 photo happy-vaoats_zps04a25681.jpg
wholesome goodness to start the day

slivers of sunshine
 photo happy-valight_zpsdc38d44d.jpg

 photo happy-vacat_zpsb8285d02.jpg
spring, breaking through

clawfoot tubs
 photo happy-vastill_zpsf0197fdc.jpg
because floating
seems to be the best kind of therapy

early evening walks
 photo happy-vateepee_zpsf8883b9f.jpg

 photo happy-vatp_zps3c37dae1.jpg

 photo happy-vabarn_zps13af7e0d.jpg

 photo happy-vacanoe_zps14fe125d.jpg
beauty in the ordinary

home cooking
 photo happy-vastirfry_zpsf8610f37.jpg
truly the way to a teenager's heart

found beams + wrought iron
 photo happy-vabarndets_zps634df559.jpg

 photo happy-vashower_zpsc0065ae8.jpg
the very best of barn living

surrogate pet snuggles
 photo happy-vasammy_zps9b739ab5.jpg
(i missed my girls)

linens on the line
 photo happy-valaundry_zpse9b7222e.jpg
misson accomplished. home safe.


Emily said...

Thank you love and the door is always open....

Emily said...

Thank you.. the door is always open