Sunday, February 17, 2013

snowed in, well-fed

i was like a kid in a candy store
with the anticipation of the big storm that snowed us in last weekend
a friday off for my husband
made the whole thing even better
(i had house projects on the mind!)

we were well stocked and ready-
i hit the local farmer's market the week before and loaded up on winter root vegetables and fresh baked  breads
 photo storm-beets_zps259a8061.jpg

friday morning was spent at lowes and benjamin moore
(shockingly i was the only one in the home dec isles! ha...) 

we started the long weekend off right
 photo storm-lunch_zps417edb03.jpg
grilled cheddar, butcher bacon, avocado + honey mustard
on great harvest's high 5 fiber (now at our farmer's market- yahoo!)

before getting down to business
i took a little "me" time
to knit and catch up with a friend
 photo babyhat1_zpsb339cce6.jpg
resulting in a super cozy
baby blizzard hat
for our newest next door neighbor
reid and i started painting at 8pm
with lights flickering
we watched the storm really pick up

by saturday morning
we woke to this
 photo storm-window_zps624ae299.jpg
snow day bliss...

complete with a warm, stick-to-your bones breakfast
 photo storm-breakfast_zps398ea24b.jpg
Cheddar scramble w/ roasted cherry tomatoes, sourdough avocado toast and (more!) butcher bacon

spent most of the day shoveling 
while I painted trim

stopping briefly 
 photo stormsoup_zpsb11d6e4c.jpg
for a bowl of

and then... 
back to the to-do list!

 photo stormmittens_zps56fee385.jpg

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Orchard Cove Photography said...

Look HEAVENLY!!! Now I want to see photos of the house progress!