Sunday, August 18, 2013


 photo 1a36806d-0728-4cbf-a52c-b589aa2d8150_zps963358ac.jpg
emily waldo jagger
arrived thursday
august 8th
at 9:40am

oh, oh...
there is so very much to share

and i will

but i'm completely distracted
by her milky, deep-sleep sighs 
on my chest

 photo e91be3e9-4672-4236-8d77-8d7f6e8d097b_zpsfa363c13.jpg

it's been almost exactly a month
since i've posted
and it's been a bursting one for sure-
a roller coaster 
of summer goodness
paralyzing anxiety
and love

love. love. love.

with each 
deep, deep breath 
that i take
weighted only by 6lbs 12oz
of slumbering sweetness
i can feel 
my heart
being stitched 
from the bottom 

 photo 2dc76a54-42f9-4b50-b080-c8b79d33587b_zpsbfeabe50.jpg

sweet birdie

photos: orchardcove


Megan said...

Love that last photo. She is beautiful. Enjoy her :)

mom said...


Blair Connolly said...

my heart is melting over here! she is so, so beautiful S...and you are a beautiful mother as well. I cannot wait to meet her. xoxo B

Kathleen OGrady said...

So happy for you and your family. I can't imagine how long you have waited for that wonderful moment. Enjoy every second, for they go so fast.

Lesli at My Old Country House said...

Sarah, I am over the moon happy for your family...she is a beautiful bundle, an angel sent from heaven and you have been blessed....and I absolutely LOVE her name....xoxoxox

Unknown said...

She is so gorgeous, Sarah. I am so thrilled for you. I hope you are basking in this precious time together- those first few weeks are so magical (from what I can remember!).

When do I get to meet Miss Emily???

Anonymous said...

that last comment was me...not sure why I'm unknown!