Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bedside table re-do

my mum and i are in the process of a mini makeover on the guest bedroom at my parent's house on the cape.

we decided that it would be fitting to have a totally preppy, lilly pulitzer-esque guest room on cape cod. we started with two tones of fresh lime paint... and now onto the fun part... decorating!

my dad was ready to toss the antique table that had been a bedside stand-in for far longer than it should have. but, i really couldn't give up the shape of the spindle base... love, love, love. the shape of the table in general is lovely and unexpected, and the height, perfect next to the bed.

so, i pulled out the power sander, and the transformation began!


once i scuffed up the wood and sanded off the paint from the top, we coated the table in a few coats of high-gloss white paint.

i had my favorite pink hable construction beads in mind for the table top, but of course, the piece was shy of what i needed. i was also faced with the question of how to finish the edges of the fabric so they wouldn't fry or look unfinished. a package of the perfect pink bias tape solved both problems! by sewing the tape around the edge of the fabric, I gained an extra 1.25" in diameter, not to mention the piece looking much more tailored this way.

once my fabric was bound with bias tape and the white paint dry, i spread a thick, even coat of matte modge podge on the table top. then, i carefully placed the fabric evenly on top and pressed to remove bubbles. with a foam brush, i spread another, generous coat of modge podge on top of the fabric, being sure the thicker edges were coated well. 
then came the hard part... waiting for it to dry! 
there were a few times in the drying process that i worried perhaps i had used too much modge podge, or that it wasn't even, because the drying took awhile and looked milky at times... hang in there, it will dry evenly and clear!

the final step was a few coats of a thick, high-gloss clear acrylic... again, waiting enough time in between coats is critical, but the final product?...

well worth it!


i am just so amazed at how lovely and lady-like this dark, dingy table became!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

You are so friggin impressive :)

Lucy said...

Nice work!

mom said...

It looks FABULOUS!!!!