Wednesday, June 17, 2009

maine wedding

i spent the early part of this week up in maine with amanda.
when i first heard that amanda was shooting a wedding at a summer camp up in the woods, visions of dragonflies danced in my head. 
i mean, seriously... can you even imagine what this could entail!?!?
so, amanda invited me along as as assistant of sorts.
my father-in-law kindly lent me a 5D and whooo... baby, it was good!
(the wedding, not necessarily my photography!)

rockin' wedding shoes

i'm talkin' candle holders from old ball mason jars, birch tree pews, pre-wedding wiffle ball, strawberry shortcake, bonfires, acorn boutonnieres, log cabins, and flower girls that were dressed like woodland nymphs. 
yeah, pretty much hit the nail on the head for anything and everything you'd envision for a camp wedding.
 off. the. charts. amazing.


(the day of retail therapy wasn't so bad either)... now, if only i didn't have to return the 5D.
thanks AH!

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Orchard Cove Photography said...

I had SO much fun! Thank you for coming :)