Thursday, February 25, 2010

classic redefined: hudson bay blanket

can you even imagine a more perfectly cozy spot to curl up with a good book?!
total perfection... the teepee inside, the built-ins LOADED with books, even a surf board to remind that winter will end.
the cherry on top?
cozy. preppy. a little bit vintage.

and check out this fun use of the classic...
i adore ottomans upholstered in kilim rugs, but THIS is cozy too!

but when rachel bilson (whose style i can totally relate to) stepped out during the olympics in this coat?!?!

the classic. reinterpreted by smythe.

love. love. love.
oh, how good would this look with frye harness boots and skinny jeans.


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ahhh that coat is so freaking cute---leave it to Bilson, sigh. I just seconds ago posted about the Lovely Design rolodex. It was the BEST suggestion I got all day for my new lil office. Thanks so much---you're too sweet (and full of good ideas)! XO

Design Darling said...

great finds on all these pictures — it takes a good eye to spot the same pattern in so many forms! found your blog today via the neo-traditionalist :) loved that rolodex idea!

Diana said...

I love those Bay stripes! I finally just a got a blanket! Timeless! I also went a little nuts and printed some t-shirts a la Hudson's Bay:

I was so mad when those rioters targeted the Hudson's Bay in downtown Vancouver. Insolents!

bblissful said...

Oooo ... I am one happy Canadian! Love the little tent!