Wednesday, February 10, 2010



my sister, whom, until recently, i would have never thought of as "crafty" surprised me with these gorgeous fingerless mittens as a belated birthday gift.
i was... blown. away.
who/what/where/when/ how!?!??!
i knew she'd been sewing lately, and i had seen her knitting before... but this? i would have never guessed. amazing.
do you see the owl hiding in there? with his perfectly subtle eyes?
love. love. love.
(even better when enjoyed with hot cocoa and a croissant)

thanks meggs!
cannot wait for all the handmade exchanging to come!

(she is roadtoast on the knitting community ravelry if you're a member)


Lucy said...

Awww, so glad you love them so much!

rikshaw design said...

yeah..your back!
those are amazing!
i love the subtle owlie!