Tuesday, March 16, 2010

classics redefined: l.l.bean

new england roots run deep.
l.l.bean goods are most likely part of our DNA.
i honestly don't think i know a baby born without a monogrammed boat + tote.
but as good (oh, and they are good) as the "l.l.bean boots" are,
the woman's jeans,
are that sad.
the clothing fashion... lacking.
until now.

introducing: l.l.bean signature.

(can you hear the angels singing?!?)

the classics. re-worked. new styling. new fit.


and, you?
of COURSE i will come on your boat.

but it is because i love your sweater.

and, as any cape codder knows,
l.l.bean is always better misted in a sea-salt spray.


Orchard Cove Photography said...

What's this? You're recommending LL Bean Clothes - I'm going to quote you on that

Sarah said...

oh, AH...
let me clarify.
I am recommending the NEW, UPDATED, L.L.Bean SIGNATURE line.
Please refer ONLY to THAT link.


Punctuation Mark said...

that bag is to die for... love it!