Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sewing class update

my girls have finished another project...
this time, adorable tiered skirts in thin-wale corduroy.
they chose their color combos/order and set to work reading the patterns...

this project was definitely the most challenging for my little ladies... (learning to gather is a bit much after a long school day!) but they were OVERJOYED with their results this week when they finished, pulled them on and started twirling!
i was just as excited, and so wanted to be that age again, with a color-block skirt and some polka-dot tights.

next up: floor poufs!

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The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Oh my goodness---they're sooo cute! I can just imagine them twirling about the room. What a fantastic teacher you must be. And floor poufs?! I can't wait to see! XO